the power of kangen water

Change your water. Change your life.

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What is kangen water?

Kangen water is electronically reduced hydrogen-rich performance drinking water. Kangen machines produce 5 types of alkalized ionized water. Kangen drinking water ranges from 8.5-9.5 pH depending on the type of water you SELECT.



Kangen water has changed hundreds of thousands of lives. how will it change yours?



It requires over three litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water. 50 billion water bottles are consumed world wide per year 49% of bottled water in the u.s. is just purified tap water. 


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Unlimited active hydrogen drinking water, household cleaner, beauty toner, anti-bacterial product and much more for you and your loved ones.


68 uses for kangen water

Creating more sustainable ways of being healthy by the power of Kangen water.


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