9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali.

Bali happens to one of those places that seem to pop up everywhere you look. Every part of social media will be filled with pictures of dreamy waterfalls, perfect white sand beaches, the occasion infinite pools, monkeys stealing stuff and all of those bikini shots you see are more than likely from this place of paradise which is why we created list of 9 Reasons Why you Should Visit Bali.


6 Fun Things to Do on The Gili’s.

When we arrived on the Gili Trawangan after a super bumpy ride along the ocean, we were greeted with the most unexpected surprise! Knowing that the Gili’s reputation of being party islands, we were pleasantly surprised to arrive to the most chilled vibes we’ve experienced in Bali so far. We only had a few days on the Gilis and would have loved to have spent more time there just laying around and being total beach bums, but adventure calls! We will definitely be back soon, but for now we hope you enjoy our 6 Fun Things to Do on The Gili’s.